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Farrier Services

Routine Trimming and Shoeing: At the New Jersey Equine Clinic we make foot care a priority and treat each horse individually.  Horses present unique trimming and shoeing challenges depending upon their breed, conformation, and discipline or intended use.  When appropriate, feet are trimmed routinely and shoes are reset as the horse presented.  However, in some cases therapeutic shoeing is necessary to rebalance the horse's feet, help correct conformational flaws, or as an adjunctive therapy for musculoskeletal injuries. Joe Rayll, farrier for New Jersey Equine Clinic, visits our campus weekly to maintain the feet of our hospitalized patients and our horses in the turnout center.

Therapeutic Shoeing: Horses with various musculoskeletal conditions benefit from therapeutic trimming and shoeing.  Some of these conditions include angular limb deformities, contractural limb deformities, laminitis, caudal heel pain/navicular syndrome, tendon/ligament injuries, poor conformation, coffin bone fractures, hoof wall disease or injury, and more.  At the New Jersey Equine Clinic we use advanced therapeutic trimming and shoeing techniques that are customized for unique conditions of our patients.  Joe Rayll is experienced in creating a variety of custom made shoes for a wide variety of conditions.

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