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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is an exciting adjunctive therapy that has made significant improvements in both human and animal care, and has enabled the treatment of multiple conditions not previously possible. During hyperbaric therapy your horse breathes 100% oxygen at 2-3 times atmospheric pressure for approximately one hour. The precise number, duration and scheduling of treatments varies with the disease condition being treated. Breathing oxygen under pressure increases the amount of oxygen in the lungs and carried to the tissues of the body. Oxygen treatment under pressure reduces swelling, stimulates healing, reduces inflammation and increases the body’s ability to deliver antibiotics to areas of relatively poor blood supply.


HBOT is an Adjunct to Other Therapies

Important factors in treating any condition are, of course, an accurate diagnosis along with selection of appropriate medical therapy. HBOT enhances the effectiveness of antibiotics and other treatments as well as their ability to reach the desired target destination. Several problems have been identified in horses where the application of HBOT has proven useful, including wound treatment, cellulitis, skin, muscle tendon and ligament injuries, aerobic and anaerobic infections, osteomyelitis, head and spinal injury, chronic infections, dummy foal syndrome, lung or abdominal abscesses, intestinal ischemia and reperfusion injury, laminitis and exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage.

Your Horse’s Safety is our First Priority

Construction of the new hyperbaric treatment facility at the campus of the New Jersey Equine Clinic ushers in a new era of advanced medical therapy to our community. Our hyperbaric chamber is a spacious, open room design that allows the horse to relax and move comfortably during the treatment. Our chamber and oxygen source have been thoroughly tested by independent hospital inspectors and our veterinarians and technicians have been trained by International ATMO, the world-leader in human and veterinary hyperbaric medicine training. Throughout the treatment period your horse is carefully monitored by our trained staff, using video monitoring and direct observation through acrylic portals in the side of the chamber. For further information on equine hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the science behind the medicine, please view the video below.

Preparation of Your Horse Prior to Treatment

Your horse’s safety is our primary concern. Please ensure that your horse is clean and free from any of the following prior to shipping your horse to the NJEC for treatment:

  • Alcohol or alcohol-based substances

  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

  • Fly Spray

  • Baby Oil

  • Oil-based grooming products (Show Sheen)

  • Poultice or liniments of any kind

  • Hoof oil

  • Iodine

  • Pain patches

  • Electrical or battery-operated products


Prior to treatment, the following will be removed

  • Leather products (boots, halters, neck straps)

  • Nylon or synthetic products (bandages, blankets, halters, etc.)


Please do not tranquilize your horse prior to shipment to the clinic.


After arrival at the clinic, your horse will be examined prior to treatment. Your horse’s temperature will be taken. We do not treat febrile horses as high body temperature may pre-dispose the patient to oxygen-induced seizures.


The specific hyperbaric oxygen treatment schedule varies with each horse and the disease being treated. Similar to antimicrobial therapy, hyperbaric oxygen is administered daily for a series of treatments, followed by alternate day therapy until the condition is resolved.


If you have further questions regarding preparation of your horse for treatment in the hyperbaric chamber, or would like to make an appointment for hyperbaric oxygen therapy please call the office.

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